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Bulbs are easy to grow — and heirloom bulbs are among the easiest!

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These are collections of some of our favorite bulbs. Click here for the complete list of our Fall-Planted Samplers, or here for our Spring-Planted Samplers.

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Our Customer Favorites tend to be some of our easiest, most reliable — and wonderful — bulbs.

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Planting and Care

Sun and Soil

Most bulbs prefer full sun and well-drained soil, though exceptions are noted throughout our site. Many will thrive in pots and other containers. If you garden in heavy or clay soil, check out the Soil and Drainage section of our Planting & Care info.

Hardiness & Zones

In each of our bulb descriptions — or at the beginning of the section — you’ll find a recommended range of winter hardiness zones for that bulb. In our recommendations, “a” refers to the cooler, northern half of each zone, while “b” refers to the warmer, southern half of each. “S” and “WC” in our recommendations refer to South/Southwest and West Coast — because milder summers on the West Coast allow some bulbs to thrive there beyond the zones we advise for the Southeast and Southwest.
For a list of bulbs we recommend for your zone, use our easy Advanced Bulb Search.

Spring-Planted Bulbs

These bulbs bloom in the summer. Many are grown as annuals except in the warmest parts of the country, or you can dig and store them in winter. Both choices are perfectly honorable! We’ll send easy instructions.

Two Good Books

For Local Advice

Gardeners love to share what they’ve learned, so ask friends, neighbors, and relatives, especially older ones who may be more familiar with heirlooms. The Cooperative Extension Office in your county can help, too. For its phone number, go to www.csrees.usda.gov/Extension/index.html and click on your state and then county.

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We aim to treat you as well as our good customer Karen Knab of Arlington, Virginia, who wrote, “I have ordered from a lot of catalogs, gardening and not. The care you showed with my first Old House Gardens order was outstanding. You’d think we lived next door, it was so attentive, personal, and generous.”
For hundreds of other glowing reviews of our bulbs and service, see GardenWatchdog.com.

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