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SAVE THE HYACINTHS! – Hyacinths are the most endangered garden bulbs. In 1886, D. M. Ferry offered 135 – twice the number of tulips and ten times the number of daffodils. But today you’ll find very few in most catalogs and gardens. What a loss!

Fragrant and quaint, hyacinths bring a rainbow of color into the garden well before tulip time. Wind a drift through your perennial border or force a few indoors and see if you don’t agree that they’re just too wonderful to let go extinct.


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Even Rarer Hyacinths

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DOUBLES DELIGHT        Sampler
Bursting with extra petals, double hyacinths were once the most prized. Rediscover their antique charms with this sampler of 4 unique jewels. Save the Doubles! For zones 5a-8a(10bWC).

For 2, 3, or more of each, order additional samplers.

COF35SOLD OUT1/$152/$293/$414/$535/$64.50
Sample the rich colors and fragrances of these most-neglected bulbs. Easy to force and great in the garden in zones 5a-8a(10bWC). We’ll send five different singles, our choice, all terrific!

For 2, 3, or more of each, order additional samplers.

COF02Add to basket:1/$14.502/$283/$39.504/$515/$62.50
BLUE GIANT, 1935        New
“Blue giants” are the brightest stars in the universe, and the radiant, pearly-blue flowers of this Depression-era classic make it a worthy namesake. We’ve also found it extra easy to force. 10-12”, zones 5-8a(10bWC). Chart to compare.
HY39SOLD OUT3/$85/$12.5010/$2425/$5450/$100
double CHESTNUT FLOWER, 1880
The starry, overstuffed florets of this Victorian double are a lovely “dawn pink.” Though double hyacinths were once the most sought after, today only a handful survive. 10-12”, zones 5a-8a(10bWC), from Holland. Chart to compare.
HY12Add to basket:3/$10.505/$16.5010/$3125/$7150/$131
The soft, soft, baby-chick yellow of ‘City of Haarlem’ makes every hyacinth rainbow lovelier. Named for the bulb district’s grandest city, ‘Haarlem’ has been a favorite for well over a century now. 10-12”, zones 5a-8a(10bWC), from Holland. Chart to compare.
HY01Add to basket:3/$8.755/$1410/$2625/$59Limit 25, please.
double DREADNOUGHT, 1899        Web-Only & Rarest
Bumper Crop Sale! With long outer petals that swoop back and curl like those of a turk’s-cap lily, and shorter inner petals crimped into a squiggly rosette, this is one of the most interesting — and rarest — of the Victorian doubles. 10-12”, zones 5a-8a(10bWC), from the British National Collection. Chart to compare.
HY42Add to basket:1/$5.203/$14.405/$22.4010/$41.6025/$93.60You save 20%!
double GENERAL KOHLER, 1878
Bumper Crop Sale! The opulent, lavender-blue bells of this rare double look as if they’ve been sculpted out of Bavarian sugar-frosting. Although originally scorned, double hyacinths rocketed into vogue in the early 1700s and remained the world’s most popular bulb for the next 150 years. 10-12”, zones 5a-8a(10bWC), from Holland. Chart to compare.
HY15Add to basket:3/$8.405/$13.2010/$24.8025/$56.8050/$105You save 20%!
GIGANTEA, 1859        Rarest & New
It’s back! Extinct? That’s what the experts thought. But then Alan Shipp of the UK National Collection got a surprise phone call from the Lithuanian ambassador’s wife and before long a box full of old hyacinths arrived that had been preserved by a botanic garden behind the Iron Curtain, including this Victorian beauty. With a “large truss of delicate rose,” ‘Gigantea’ — which no longer seems very giant — was the most expensive single hyacinth in the 1870 catalog of the Olm Brothers of Springfield, MA. Last offered in 2007, zones 5a-7b(9bWC), from England. Chart to compare.
HY44Add to basket:1/$7.503/$20.505/$32.50Limit 5, please.
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