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Here you’ll find our VERY rarest bulbs along with late finds and others we simply couldn’t squeeze into our print catalog.

Those marked “Web-Only & Rarest” are sometimes in such short supply that they sell out within days — and some years we can’t offer them at all — so if you see one you like, we recommend you order it now!

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Web-Only Fall-Planted Samplers
CROCUS TAPESTRY        Web-Only & Sampler
Herald the new year’s renaissance with this tapestry of purple, white, lavender, gold, and striped crocus. You’ll get 25 corms – 5 each of 5 of our gems – all individually labeled. For zones 4a-7b(8bWC).

For 2, 3, or more of each, order additional samplers.

COF27SOLD OUT1/$192/$36.503/$524/$675/$82
PEONY PARADISE        Web-Only & Sampler
For a lifetime of luxurious beauty, plant our easy heirloom peonies this fall. We’ll send you 3 of our favorite old-fashioned doubles — 1 pink, 1 white, and 1 rose-red, all labeled and superb. Give them a sunny spot and they’ll reward you with abundant blooms for a century or more — and they make great cut flowers! For zones 3a-7b(8bWC) only, please.

For 2, 3, or more of each variety, order additional samplers.

COF90SOLD OUT1/$48.502/$933/$1334/$1715/$209
Web-Only Crocus
JEANNE D’ARC, 1943        Web-Only
This multiple award-winning crocus is both vigorous and beautiful — a white so pure and luminous that it seems the embodiment of spring’s miraculous rebirth. C. vernus, zones 4a-7b(8bWC), from Holland. Chart to compare.
CR19SOLD OUT10/$8.2525/$1950/$35.50100/$66250/$149
MAMMOTH YELLOW, 1665        Web-Only
Gotta have it! This is the most popular crocus of the past 300 years, a vibrant orange-yellow, like molten sun. C. x luteus, zones 4a-7b(8bWC), from Holland. Chart to compare.
CR05SOLD OUT10/$7.7525/$1850/$33.50100/$62250/$140
PAULUS POTTER, 1920        Web-Only
“Ruby-purple,” says Roy Genders. “Almost magenta,” says E.A. Bowles. “Splendid!” says Louise Beebe Wilder. This vibrant, vanishing jewel – lost to us for years but now back thanks to one determined Dutch grower – is the rosiest purple of all the traditional crocus. (To add to its pleasures, learn about the painter it’s named for.) C. vernus, zones 4a-7b(8bWC), from Holland. Chart to compare.
CR07SOLD OUT5/$510/$9.5025/$21.5050/$40100/$74
PETER PAN, 1943        Web-Only
When ‘Snowbunting’ fades, this magic boy takes over, extending the season’s sparkle. Pair it with ‘Negro Boy’ for a dramatic “Ebony and Ivory.” C. vernus, zones 4a-7b(8bWC), from Holland. Chart to compare.
CR32SOLD OUT10/$8.7525/$2250/$41100/$76250/$171
C. tommasinianus PICTUS, 1914        Web-Only
Add some zing to your spring with this jewel-box crocus. Its soft lavender petals are tipped with deep purple for a glittering, almost polka-dotted effect. It’s not cheap, but it may be our most exciting crocus, and it self-sows happily! Zones 5a-8a(8bWC), from Holland. Chart to compare.
CR14SOLD OUT3/$11.755/$18.5010/$3525/$79.5050/$147
C. tommasinianus ROSEUS, 1924        Web-Only
A PINK crocus? Not quite, but it’s the closest any crocus gets to pink, a soft lavender-rose that’s utterly unique. Adding to its charms, it opens its petals exuberantly in the sun, making a constellation of tiny pink stars that just gets better every year. Zones 5a-8a(8bWC), from Holland. Chart to compare.
CR28SOLD OUT5/$710/$1325/$3050/$56100/$104
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