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CLAIR DE LUNE, 1946        Rarest
As elegant and wildflowery as the great ‘Bishop of Llandaff’, this sublimely simple collarette dahlia is named for Debussy’s romantic ode to moonlight. With a single row of soft yellow outer petals, a frilly ruff of white inner petals, and an eye like a harvest moon, it’s strong-growing in the garden and blissful in bouquets. Fern-like green leaves, 3”, 3-4’, heat-tolerant, from Holland. Chart to compare.
SD25Add to basket:1/$7.503/$20.505/$32.5010/$6025/$135
DAVID HOWARD, 1960        New
This dark-leaved, not-so-tall dahlia was a favorite of the great Christopher Lloyd who wrote that it “deserves every scrap of the praise lavished on it. Above bronze foliage, it carries a prodigal, non-stop succession” of apricot-orange flowers that “show up brightly from afar.” Lloyd paired it with lavender Verbena bonariensis and ornamental grasses for a combination that would look stunning in your garden, too. Formal decorative, 3-4”, 2½-4’, from Holland. Chart to compare.
SD78Add to basket:1/$73/$195/$3010/$5625/$126
Still a popular favorite in Europe (and with us), “Dwee doo” is easy to grow and loaded with 4-6 inch flowers of royal purple tipped with white — sometimes more so, sometimes less — for an effect that’s surprisingly elegant. Albert, the beloved “people’s king” of Belgium, died in 1934, hence its decidedly antique name: “Mourning for King Albert.” Re-introduced by us in 2002 from the UK National Collection. 4-5’, 4-6”, heat-tolerant, from Oregon. Chart to compare.
SD26Add to basket:1/$93/$24.505/$39Limit 5, please.
GERRIE HOEK, 1942        New
Is this really “the most popular dahlia of all time”? That’s what experts have called this shell-pink beauty, praising it as “a superb cut flower” with “splendid stems” that’s “easy to grow,” great in the garden, and “the ideal waterlily” dahlia. Who could ask for anything more? 3-4”, 3-4’, from Holland. Chart to compare.
SD82Add to basket:1/$7.503/$20.505/$32.5010/$6025/$135
GLORIE VAN HEEMSTEDE, 1947        Rarest
There’s a Zen-like simplicity to waterlily dahlias. With fewer petals than most, they have a peaceful, uncluttered look, proving once again that less can be more. Winner of the Stredwick Medal, one of the dahlia world’s highest awards, ‘Glorie’ is a buttery yellow of classic form, early blooming, and loaded with flowers. Strong stems make it great for bouquets. 4-5”, 4-5’, from New Hampshire. Chart to compare.
SD23Add to basket:1/$7.503/$20.505/$32.5010/$6025/$135
GOLDEN HEART, 1955        Rarest
This sunburst of beauty is a warm red-orange brightened by what seem to be rays of golden light streaming from its center. It’s dazzling anytime but we like it best as it carries the torch of summer deep into the cool, waning days of fall. Aka ‘Mary Poppins’, semi-cactus, 6-10”, 4-5’, from Oregon. Chart to compare.
SD74Add to basket:1/$9.503/$265/$4110/$7625/$171
GYPSY GIRL, 1947        Web-Only & Rarest
We didn’t expect to offer this variegated beauty until next spring, but it multiplied so well for us that here it is! Its petals of soft lavender-to-pink-to-white are decorated with a confetti of ruby speckles and flecks for a look that’s as festive as a birthday party. Bred by Albert Parrella of the Bronx, formal decorative, 4-6”, 4-5’, grown exclusively for us in Holland. Chart to compare.
SD83Add to basket:1/$10.503/$28.505/$4510/$84Limit 10, please.
JANE COWL, 1928        Web-Only & Rarest
More people asked us to find ‘Jane Cowl’ than any other lost dahlia — and when we finally tracked it down, we understood why. It’s a big, gorgeous dahlia, with undulating petals of buff, bronze, and gold, like the tresses of a goddess — or actress Jane Cowl (1883-1950), who was once “the most beautiful woman on the American stage.” It’s expensive, yes, but worth every penny – and we have just 40 available this spring! 6-8”, 5-6’, from New Hampshire. Chart to compare.
SD27Add to basket:1/$253/$68.50Limit 3, please.
JERSEY’S BEAUTY, 1923        Rarest
Once the world’s most popular dahlia — the one even non-gardeners knew by name — this glorious, true pink, New Jersey native is still amazing. Tall and vigorous, it will give you more of its sublimely simple flowers in late summer and fall than you can find a vase for. We’re proud to have re-introduced it to American gardens, and in spring 2003 we crowned it our Heirloom Bulb of the Year. 4-6”, 6-7’, formal decorative, from New Hampshire. Chart to compare.
SD03SOLD OUT1/$103/$27.505/$4310/$8025/$180
‘Juanita’s big, jewel-toned flowers are a whirl of narrow, curving petals of deep, vibrant burgundy and ruby. Bred in South Africa and named for a flamenco dancer, it’s been one of the most popular dahlias on six continents for decades. 6”, 4-5’, heat-tolerant, from Oregon. Chart to compare.
SD24Add to basket:1/$9.503/$265/$4110/$7625/$171
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