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CHALLENGER, 1949        Web-Only
This dramatically tall, colorful daylily will draw your eye from the farthest reaches of your garden. It gets its height — five feet or more here — from H. altissima, native to the mountains of Nanjing, and with 25-30 buds per stem, its striking red flowers will entertain you from mid-summer into fall. By A.B. Stout, 48-72”, dormant, z. 5a-8b(10bWC), Ann Arbor. Chart to compare.
HM22Add to basket:1/$83/$225/$34.5010/$6425/$144
GOLD DUST, 1905        Web-Only & Rarest
Exceptionally early-blooming, this cheery little daylily opens its fragrant, cinnamon-shaded flowers just as spring is turning into summer (and when it’s happy, it often reblooms). It’s also one of the oldest daylilies, by the very first person to breed them, English schoolteacher George Yeld, who crossed the classic lemon lily with the Japanese H. dumortieri to get this enduring charmer. Just 24-26”, very early, dormant, zones 5a-8b(10bWC), from our Ann Arbor micro-farms. Chart to compare.
HM17Add to basket:1/$7.503/$20.505/$32.5010/$60Limit 10, please.
H. fulva ‘Kwanso’, KWANSO DOUBLE, 1860        Web-Only
With three sets of petals tucked neatly inside one another, this opulent daylily is quirky enough to appeal to Victorian gardeners yet “handsome” enough (to quote taste-maker Louise Beebe Wilder in 1916) to earn it a leading role in the sumptuous Red Borders at England’s famous Hidcote Gardens. 36-40”, early summer blooming, dormant, zones 4a-8b(10bWC), from Missouri. Chart to compare.
HM02Add to basket:1/$7.503/$20.505/$32.5010/$6025/$135
ALLEGRO, 1965        Web-Only & Rarest
Please don’t mistake ‘Allegro’ for an ordinary red glad. Its color is a wonderfully deep ruby with smoky undertones that’s so intense it almost seems to be pulsating. In Italian its name means “quick, spirited, lively,” and this show-stopper definitely is! 4 feet tall, from Maine. Chart to compare.
SGL37Add to basket:3/$10.505/$16.5010/$3125/$7150/$131
BLUE SMOKE, 1957        Web-Only & Rarest
Don’t be surprised if this smoldering beauty leaves you and your garden visitors babbling! A half-century after it was introduced, its exotic coloring is still very unusual. From a glowing heart of apricot and bronze its petals shade into a smoky, lavender-gray that’s almost beyond words — and ravishingly beautiful. Very limited supply, 4 feet, from Maine. Chart to compare.
SGL42SOLD OUT1/$11.503/$31.505/$49.50
BLUEBIRD, 1968        Web-Only & Rarest
As small as ‘Atom’ and surprisingly close to blue, this cheery little glad always reminds us of a nest full of hungry baby birds. Winner of the gladiolus world’s highest honor, the All-America award, it blooms with vigor all across the country. Very limited supply, Small-flowered, 3 feet, from Maine and our Ann Arbor micro-farms. Chart to compare.
SGL49Add to basket:1/$6.503/$185/$28Limit 5, please.
CARIBBEAN, 1957        Web-Only & Rarest
If you look with your imagination, it’s easy to see the blue skies and sandy beaches of the Caribbean in this well-named little glad. It’s not really blue, of course, but a lovely soft lavender highlighted with thumbprints of purple. Small-flowered, 3 feet tall, from Maine. Chart to compare.
SGL57Add to basket:1/$5.503/$155/$23.5010/$44Limit 10, please.
CHARISMA, 1969        Web-Only & Rarest
Looking like a summer party dress or a tropical fruit smoothie, this luscious, ruffled glad combines soft apricot-pink with pale lemon and gold. Pick a few, settle into your chaise longue after a productive afternoon in the garden, and enjoy! 4 feet, from Maine. Chart to compare.
SGL51Add to basket:3/$10.505/$16.5010/$3125/$71Limit 25, please.
CHIPPER, 1965        Web-Only
If this little glad were any bigger, its brilliant splashes of deep rose on white might be too much. But it’s one of the smallest-flowered glads we grow, and we never seem to get tired of its cheery brightness. Try it yourself and see what we mean! 3 feet tall, from Maine. Chart to compare.
SGL58SOLD OUT1/$5.503/$155/$23.5010/$4425/$99
DAUNTLESS, 1940        Web-Only & Rarest
You’ll never mistake ‘Dauntless’ for a modern, supermarket glad. We call it the Lauren Bacall of glads because its smooth, stylish, angular blooms recall an era of wide lapels and big, sexy hats. Pink with a dramatic splash of ruby in the throat, it’s also one of the oldest traditional glads we’ve ever offered. 4 feet, from Maine and Michigan. Chart to compare.
SGL12Add to basket:3/$9.505/$1510/$2825/$6450/$119
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