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DOM PEDRO, 1906        Web-Only & Rarest
This “coffee-brown, maroon-shaded” gem is “undoubtedly the most attractive of the brown tulips,” said the John Lewis Childs catalog in 1920 when tulips in so-called art shades such as bronze, terra-cotta, and mauve were the height of fashion — and it certainly is one of our favorites. VERY limited supply, Dutch Breeder/Single Late, 18-22”, zones 4a-7b(8aWC), from the Hortus Bulborum. See our other brown tulips. Chart to compare.
TU934SOLD OUT1/$18.503/$50.505/$79.5010/$14825/$333
ELECTRA, 1905        Web-Only & Rarest
True stock! Neither words nor film can quite capture the color of this heart-pounding double. It’s a rose so deep it’s almost red – but not red – an intense purplish-crimson like . . . homemade raspberry jelly? We quit offering ‘Electra’ a decade ago when Dutch stocks became hopelessly confused with a crayola-red impostor, but these bulbs from the Hortus Bulborum are the real deal, and thrilling. Double Early, 12-14”, zones 4a-7b(8aWC), from the Hortus Bulborum.Chart to compare.
TU10SOLD OUT1/$73/$19.505/$3110/$5825/$13250/$244
ELEGANS ALBA, 1895        Web-Only & Rarest
Here’s a vanilla that’s far from plain — and deliciously fragrant! An ancestor of today’s lily-flowered tulips, it’s a Devon-cream colored, vase-shaped beauty with long slender petals that twist and reflex gently for an almost whirling effect. Aka ‘White Crown’, Cottage/Lily-flowered, 16”, zones 4a-7b(8bWC) from the Hortus Bulborum. Chart to compare. See our other unusually fragrant tulips.
TU67SOLD OUT1/$10.503/$28.505/$4510/$8425/$189
ELSIE ELOFF, 1949        Web-Only & Rarest
Whether you call it “pale butter yellow” or “primrose-ivory,” this wonderfully soft-colored tulip glows like a night-light in the garden. Its long, graceful shape adds to its appeal, and its name honors a South African woman of Dutch ancestry who led protests against British oppression in the early 1900s. Single Late, 24-28”, zones 3a-7b(8bWC), from Holland. Chart to compare.
TU923SOLD OUT5/$910/$1725/$3950/$72100/$133
FEU ARDENT, 1906        Web-Only & Rarest
“An old friend, entrancing in its rich brownish scarlet tints,” wrote famed plantsman J. Horace McFarland in 1927 of this then very fashionable tulip. Although first offered about 1906, it was originally one of 400 “breeder” or self-colored tulips in the fabulous collection of Vincent van der Vinne which was sold at auction in 1863. Dutch Breeder/Single Late, 22-24”, zones 4a-7b(8aWC), from the Hortus Bulborum. Chart to compare.
TU939SOLD OUT1/$15.503/$42.505/$66.5010/$12425/$279
GLORIA NIGRORUM, 1837        Web-Only & Rarest
With wisps and splashes of dark violet on creamy white, “Black Glory” is one of the very oldest surviving Bijbloemen tulips. Also known as ‘Violet Ponceau’ and ‘La Victorieuse’, it was first offered in 1837 by Voorhelm and Schneevogt, a fabled bulbhouse that had catered to wealthy bulb lovers since the 17th century. 16-18”, zones 4b-7a(7bWC), from the Hortus Bulborum. Chart to compare.
TU980SOLD OUT1/$17.503/$485/$75.5010/$14025/$315
JAMES WILD, 1890        Web-Only & Rarest
Brown? You bet! And it’s fabulous. This is the original, Breeder form of ‘James Wild’ that’s more often seen in its flamed mahogany-on-gold Bizarre form. Though the flamed version is flashier, this anything-but-plain brown tulip needs no improvement. With shades of coffee, bronze, and amber, it’s already amazing! Single Late, 18-20”, zones 4b-7a(7bWC), from the Hortus Bulborum. Chart to compare. See our other brown tulips.
TU70SOLD OUT1/$14.503/$39.505/$62.5010/$11625/$261
JOOST VAN DE VONDEL, 1850        Web-Only
Bold, intense, and impossible to overlook, ‘Joost’ was one of the leading tulips of the Victorian age, and well into the 20th century scores of catalogs were still praising it as “unusually fine” (LaPark, 1922). It’s pronounced “Yohst,” it’s named for the writer they call the Dutch Shakespeare, and it’s sure to cause a hubbub in your garden. Single Early, 10”, zones 5-7, from the Hortus. Chart to compare.
TU989SOLD OUT1/$73/$19.505/$3110/$5825/$132
LORD STANLEY, 1860        Web-Only
Hockey fans may love this classic Bizarre because of its name (Go Red Wings!), but gardeners love it because it’s so gorgeously flamed with rich mahogany-red on gold. It often wins Premier Flame at shows of the Wakefield and North of England Tulip Society, and we never seem to get enough of it. Broken, late-blooming, 16-20”, zones 4b-7a(7bWC), from the Hortus Bulborum. Chart to compare.
TU975SOLD OUT1/$23.503/$645/$10110/$18825/$423
MADRAS, 1913        Web-Only & Rarest
One of the break-out stars from last year’s Brown Sugar sampler, this “handsome Old Dutch Tulip,” to quote the Barr and Sons catalog of 1931, is “golden-bronze, the outer petals being flushed plum” — and it’s fragrant. Although it was officially introduced in 1913, Wister says it was listed by Krelage as far back as 1870. Dutch Breeder/Single Late, 22-26”, zones 4a-7b(8aWC), from the Hortus Bulborum. Chart to compare.
TU931SOLD OUT1/$15.503/$42.505/$66.5010/$12425/$279
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