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Classic Daylilies, — graceful, enduring beauties
August Pioneer, 1939 — 8 weeks of bloom
Challenger, 1949 — to five feet tall or more
Circe, 1937 — chiffon yellow classic by Stout
Corky, 1959 — sweet little flower with famous friends
Orangeman, 1902 — mango-colored stars, extra old
Theron, 1934 — dark landmark
Blue Rhythm, 1945 — award-winning Iowa farmboy
Flavescens, 1813 — pale, shimmering yellow
Frank Adams, 1937 — parchment, bronze, and oxblood
Gracchus, 1884 — short, regal iris, great for perennial borders
Honorabile, 1840 — perky favorite of the pioneers
Indian Chief, 1929 — wine-red, raspberry, and bronze
Plumeri, 1888 — coppery rose and velvety claret
Quaker Lady, 1909 — smoky lavender and fawn
Queen of May, 1859 — Victorian “pink”
Rosy Wings, 1934 — “a delightful fantasy of colors”
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atropurpurea, 1789 — wild original, dark and velvety
Kidd’s Climax, 1940 — huge pink dinner-plate
Thomas Edison, 1929 — luxurious true purple
York and Lancaster, 1915? — mysterious history
Dauntless, 1940 — Lauren Bacall in pink
Mexicana, 1967 — spring green and complex
White Goddess, 1948 — á la Marilyn Monroe
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