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Bumper Crop Savings

Sometimes Mother Nature is especially kind and we end up with more bulbs than we expected. To share the bounty with you, we’ve discounted our prices on these spring-planted treasures.

Classic Daylilies, — graceful, enduring beauties
August Pioneer, 1939 — 8 weeks of bloom
Challenger, 1949 — to five feet tall or more
Circe, 1937 — chiffon yellow classic by Stout
Orangeman, 1902 — mango-colored stars, extra old
Dauntless, 1940 — Lauren Bacall in pink
Mexicana, 1967 — spring green and complex
White Goddess, 1948 — á la Marilyn Monroe
Honorabile, 1840 — perky favorite of the pioneers
Indian Chief, 1929 — wine-red, raspberry, and bronze
Plumeri, 1888 — coppery rose and velvety claret
Queen of May, 1859 — Victorian “pink”
Rosy Wings, 1934 — “a delightful fantasy of colors”
Discount Samplers

Get more for your money with these easy samplers of some of our favorite heirloom bulbs.

Intro to Heirlooms, Spring, — for a frugal, awesome summer adventure!
Intro to Heirlooms, Fall, — our most popular sampler!

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