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Bump Crop/Unbridled Optimism Sale: Save Up to 40%

Good News! The Hortus Bulborum and a couple of our favorite growers offered us more bulbs than ever this fall — and I have a hard time saying no to their exquisite rarities. Some would call that a weakness, but I prefer to see it as unbridled optimism. “We can’t save them if we don’t sell them,” I always say, and since we still have too many of them looking for good homes, we’re slashing prices to entice you into enjoying their awesomeness in your garden.

40% Off
Niveth, 1931 — Thalia’s elegant, uptown cousin
30% Off
Albatross, 1891 — propeller-like petals
Horn of Plenty, 1947 — long, dramatic bells
Keats, 1968 — the weirdest daffodil we’ve ever grown
Lucifer, 1890 — angel wings, devilish cup
20% Off
Broughshane, 1938 — amber-white Irish trumpet
Croesus, 1912 — gold and silver coins
Firebird, 1940 — Grand Rapids’ finest
Firetail, 1910 — is its cup truly RED?
Glory of Lisse, 1901 — one of the best of the poets
Insulinde, 1921 — graceful, exuberant double
Mrs. Langtry, 1869 — crinkled canary cup ringed with gold
40% Off
Black and White, 1920 — dark purple flames on white
Golden Standard, 1760 — 250 years old and still radiant
Royal Sovereign, 1820 — mahogany on gold
Zomerschoon, 1620 — true relic of Tulipomania
30% Off
Beauty of Bath, 1906 — rose-on-yellow to purple-on-white
Joost van de Vondel, 1850 — bold and intense
Mabel, 1856 — barmaid’s delight?
Old Times, 1905 — garnet and primrose
Silver Standard, 1760 — dazzling red on white
The Lizard, 1903 — flames of lilac and rose on cream
Wapen van Leiden, 1760 — did George Washington grow this?
20% Off
Absalon, 1780 — chocolate and chestnut on gold
acuminata, 1816 — “spidery and mad”
Duc van Tol Red and Yellow, 1595 — ancient, landmark miniature
Duc van Tol Rose, 1700 — tiny pink and white ballerina
Princess Elizabeth, 1898 — lost for a decade, but now it’s back
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