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WAPEN VAN LEIDEN, 1760        Web-Only & Rarest
Did Benjamin Franklin grow this legendary tulip? He could have! Its lively rose and white petals are illuminated by a broad yellow flare at the base, and its antique shape echoes the pointed-petaled tulips of Elizabethan herbals. Wapen means “coat of arms,’ and it was to Leiden in the late 1500s that Clusius brought the first tulips ever grown in the Netherlands. Single Early, 12-14”, zones 4b-7a(7bWC), from the Hortus Bulborum. Chart to compare.
TU71Add to basket:1/$15.503/$42.505/$66.5010/$12425/$279
ARAB QUEEN, 1949        Web-Only & Rarest
With swirling petals of apricot, bronze, yellow, pink, and orange, this exuberant, post-war beauty may remind you of a windblown flurry of autumn leaves. And it’s big, up to 9-12 inches across. No wonder the experts at both Garden Gate and Gardening How-To magazines have recommended it so highly. 4-5’, from New Hampshire. Chart to compare.
SD40SOLD OUT1/$83/$225/$34.5010/$6425/$144
JANE COWL, 1928        Web-Only & Rarest
More people asked us to find ‘Jane Cowl’ than any other lost dahlia — and when we finally tracked it down, we understood why. It’s a big, gorgeous dahlia, with undulating petals of buff, bronze, and gold, like the tresses of a goddess — or actress Jane Cowl (1883-1950), who was once “the most beautiful woman on the American stage.” Very limited stock this year. 6-8”, 5-6’, from New Hampshire. Chart to compare.
SD27SOLD OUT1/$17.503/$485/$75.5010/$14025/$315
JERSEY’S BEAUTY, 1923        Web-Only & Rarest
Once the world’s most popular dahlia — the one even non-gardeners knew by name — this glorious, true pink, New Jersey native is still amazing. Tall and vigorous, it will give you more of its sublimely simple flowers in late summer and fall than you can find a vase for. We’re proud to have re-introduced it to American gardens, and in spring 2003 we crowned it our Heirloom Bulb of the Year. 4-6”, 6-7’, formal decorative, from New Hampshire. Chart to compare.
SD03SOLD OUT1/$15.503/$42.505/$66.5010/$12425/$279
MISS ROSE FLETCHER, 1948        Web-Only & New
It’s back! This angelically soft pink sunburst would be perfect for a frothy Sweet-16 party, a summer wedding, a pastel cottage garden, or (best of all) a simple vase on your desk or kitchen counter from August till frost. Australian-bred, it was introduced to great acclaim shortly after WWII, a peaceful beauty for a new age. 4-6” 4’, from Oregon. Chart to compare.
SD18Add to basket:1/$7.503/$20.505/$32.5010/$6025/$135
NEPOS, 1958        Web-Only & Rarest
It may not be flashy or ancient, but this sublimely simple waterlily dahlia is one of the most beautiful flowers we’ve ever grown — yes, ever. Bred by the Lombaert brothers of Belgium, it’s a baby-fresh masterpiece of white, pink, and lavender, on a plant that’s not too tall, with wiry stems that practically beg you to cut them for bouquets. 4-6”, 3-4’, from Holland. Chart to compare.
SD70SOLD OUT1/$9.503/$265/$4110/$7625/$171Limit 10, please.
NITA, 1959        Web-Only & New
This speckled beauty is a variegated form of ‘Juanita’, one of the 20th century’s most popular dahlias. It’s just as strong growing and floriferous as ‘Juanita’, but its flowers are a lively lavender-pink — aka “radiant orchid,” the 2014 Color of the Year — delicately streaked and stippled with burgundy. Discovered by a backyard dahlia grower in tiny Brighton, Illinois, it went on to become a record-setting award-winner. Cactus, 6”, 4-5’, heat-tolerant, from Holland. Chart to compare.
SD76SOLD OUT1/$7.503/$20.505/$32.5010/$6025/$135
RADIANCE, 1958        Web-Only & New
Although soft baby pink when it first opens, this 1950s classic quickly matures into a vivid, vibrant, and vivacious rose-pink highlighted with silver. It somehow manages to combine the sweetness of an 8-year-old girl with the elegance of a night on the town, and it absolutely pops in the garden and bouquets. Cactus, 5-6”, 4-5’, from Holland. Chart to compare.
SD77Add to basket:1/$7.503/$20.505/$32.5010/$60Limit 10, please.
AUTUMN RED, 1941        Web-Only
True stock! Like that energetic rabbit, ‘Autumn Red’ keeps going and going and going, blooming for weeks on end from mid-summer on. Its slender, gracefully curling petals are cherry red with sunny yellow midribs for a look that’s exuberant but never too much. You’ll wish it bloomed even longer! 36-40”, dormant, zones 4a-8b(9bWC), from Ann Arbor. Chart to compare. For a similar daylily, see ‘Crimson Pirate’.
HM09SOLD OUT1/$6.503/$185/$2810/$5225/$117
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