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WISCONSIN RED, 1910?        Rarest
This striking family heirloom with it’s ruby flowers on dark stems is SO easy to grow and store that it’s been a pass-along plant in Wisconsin since the early 1900s. We got our start from our friend Vytas Virkau who got it from Catherine Becker of Wausaukee who’d been growing it since the 1940s. Then we met Brenda and John Hagman whose family has been passing it down since 1910 or before — or so it seems. Learn more here, or just plant it and join the tradition! Ball, 3”, 4-5’, heat-tolerant, grown for us in Oregon. Chart to compare.
SD63Add to basket:1/$8.253/$22.505/$35.5010/$6625/$149
YORK AND LANCASTER, 1915?        Rarest
The history of this intriguing dahlia is a mystery. One British expert told us it was rediscovered in a chateau garden and dated to 1915. Another said he saw it growing in a rural hamlet near Lyon and it dated to the 1850s. We’ll keep researching its past, but one thing for certain is its garden appeal. Every flower is different. A few open deep red, a few pearly white, but most are an unpredictable mix of both colors — très intéressant! Ball, 3”, 4-5’, grown for us in Oregon. Chart to compare.
SD61Add to basket:1/$93/$24.505/$3910/$7225/$162
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