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This small, graceful glad stunned us by surviving 22° below zero one winter here. Reliably perennial in zones 6a-9b(11aWC) — and in much of zone 5, our customers tell us — it multiplies year after year without care, and grows true from seed. Collected at an old homesite in NC, it’s an early form of the “Maid of the Mist” glad (G. primulinus, now lumped into G. dalenii, first offered in the US by Thorburn in 1908), a kissing cousin of the equally wonderful ‘Boone’, and our Spring 2008 Bulb of the Year. 3 feet, from Michigan. Chart to compare.
SGL08SOLD OUT1/$6.503/$185/$2810/$5225/$117
CONTENTMENT, 1957        Rarest
With misty, shimmering, soft lavender-pink petals, ‘Contentment’ is hauntingly beautiful. Lightly ruffled and strong-growing, it was once the world’s leading lavender glad, but today it’s all but lost. 4 feet, from Michigan. Chart to compare.
SGL22SOLD OUT3/$10.505/$16.5010/$3125/$7150/$131
DAUNTLESS, 1940        Web-Only & Rarest
Bumper Crop Sale! You’ll never mistake ‘Dauntless’ for a modern, supermarket glad. We call it the Lauren Bacall of glads because its smooth, stylish, angular blooms recall an era of wide lapels and big, sexy hats. Pink with a dramatic splash of ruby in the throat, it’s also one of the oldest traditional glads we’ve ever offered. 4 feet, from Maine and Michigan. Chart to compare.
SGL12Add to basket:1/$3.753/$10.125/$16.1210/$3025/$67.50You save 25%!
G. nanus ELVIRA, 1956        Web-Only
Small-flowered and informal, ‘Elvira’ is a perky soft pink with its lower petals splashed with ruby. It’s one of the Nanus group of petite, early-blooming, hardier-than-most glads, and perfect for summer’s simple, no-fuss bouquets. 2-3 feet, from Holland. Chart to compare.
SGL24Add to basket:5/$4.7510/$925/$20.5050/$38100/$71
A very rosy, joyful purple, ‘Fidelio’ is named for Beethoven’s only opera, a hymn to loyalty, love, and freedom. Try a few combined with silvery Russian sage or tall artemisia – stunning! 4 feet, from Holland. Chart to compare.
SGL11Add to basket:5/$6.2510/$1225/$2750/$50100/$93
FIREDANCE, 1968        Rarest
Looking more like a cymbidium orchid from the wilds of Borneo than an ordinary glad from your own backyard, this tiny, ruffled beauty is a luscious peachy-orange that’s splashed with gold and richly speckled with cayenne pepper. Wow! Small-flowered, 3 feet, from Maine. You might also like ‘Starface’. Chart to compare.
SGL34SOLD OUT3/$11.505/$18.5010/$3425/$77.50
FRIENDSHIP, 1949        Web-Only
This landmark pink has won every prize there is for glads, and 60-some years after it first bloomed for the legendary Carl Fischer it’s still considered world-class. Frosty pink with a luminous throat, it’s refreshingly cool and exceptionally healthy. 4 feet, from Holland. Chart to compare.
SGL02Add to basket:5/$4.2510/$825/$18.5050/$34100/$63
GREEN LACE, 1961        Rarest
No matter how hard we try, we can never seem to capture the soft, juicy spring green of this small-flowered glad in a photo — so you’re just going to have to grow it yourself to see how wonderful it is. Daintily ruffled and cute as a button, it always draws ooos and ahhs in the garden and makes every bouquet more interesting. 3-4 feet, proudly grown in our Ann Arbor micro-farms. Chart to compare. For another cool green glad, see ‘Mexicana’.
SGL47Add to basket:3/$11.505/$18.5010/$3425/$77.5050/$144
KING SOLOMON, 1966        Web-Only & Rarest
New! Velvety and sumptuous, this jewel-toned glad is deep wine-red shaded with purple and highlighted by midrib lines and a picotee edging of silver. It was bred by gladiolus farmer Russell Bevington of Indiana who the local newspaper once described as a “hippy with a glad business.” 4 feet tall, from Maine. Chart to compare.
SGL62Add to basket:3/$11.505/$18.5010/$3425/$77.5050/$144
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