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When Ryan Gainey, the godfather of romantic Southern gardens, called to say this was one of his favorite tulips but he was having trouble finding true stock, we knew we had to offer it. Touched with the slightest hint of spring green, its long white petals twist and reflex just slightly, languidly, cool and elegant. Lily-flowered, 24”, zones 3a-7b(8bWC), from Holland. Chart to compare.
TU932Add to basket:5/$9.5010/$1825/$4150/$76100/$141
Although we’re still mourning the loss of ‘Alabaster’ and ‘Diana’; (both commercially extinct, though counterfeits are rife), when this sparkling white, mid-season, mid-century RHS Award of Garden Merit winner blooms here, we feel a lot better. Triumph, 18-22”, zones 3a-7b(8bWC), from Holland. Chart to compare.
TU929Add to basket:5/$910/$1725/$3950/$72100/$133
WILLEM VAN ORANJE, 1933        New
It’s back! “Amazing!” raved our good customer Tracy DiSabato-Aust, author of The Well-Tended Perennial Garden, when this vibrant double first bloomed for her. It’s a warm, coppery peach with Renoir-like shadings of rose and cream, a sport of our best-selling ‘Peach Blossom’, and named for the father of the Dutch Republic on his 400th birthday. Double Early, 11”, zones 3a-7b(8bWC), from Holland. Chart to compare.
TU60Add to basket:5/$14.5010/$27.5025/$62.5050/$116100/$215
WILLEMSOORD, 1930        Rarest & New
With ruffled petals of deep carmine-rose shading to an edging of silver and pearl, ‘Willemsoord’ adds a rich note of counterpoint to spring’s pastels. Its name honors a Dutch utopian community founded in 1820 to give homes and farmland to the poor. Double Early, 10-12”, zones 3-7b(8aWC), from Holland. Chart to compare.
TU943Add to basket:5/$11.5010/$21.5025/$49.5050/$92100/$170
ZOMERSCHOON, 1620        Rarest
Bumper Crop Sale! A true survivor from the days of Tulipomania, this legendary broken tulip may be the most beautiful tulip we’ve ever grown. Its long, pointed petals are exquisitely patterned with shades of strawberry on cream. Try one yourself and you’ll understand how people could once have traded fortunes for tulips like this – in fact, for this very tulip. 16-18”, zones 4a-7a(7bWC), from the Hortus Bulborum. Chart to compare.
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