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BLACK AND WHITE, 1920        Web-Only & Rarest
Historic? We’re not sure. Extraordinary? Yes! This true broken tulip was discovered at the Hortus Bulborum. It’s not clear whether it’s an heirloom whose label was lost or a newly-broken version of one of their other heirloom varieties, but it’s so stunning we couldn’t resist it. With dark purple flames on creamy white petals, it’s a tulip that Tulipomaniacs of the 1630s would have given a fortune to own! Single Late, 16-20”, zones 4b-7a(7bWC). Chart to compare.
TU978Add to basket:1/$16.503/$455/$7110/$13225/$297Limit 25, please.
The best parrot tulip of the 20th century and dramatic enough to be showcased on the covers of both Martha Stewart Living and Horticulture, ‘Black Parrot’ is a dark, glossy maroon, exuberantly ruffled and frilled. Combine with ‘Greuze’ and snake’s-head fritillaries for a dusky springtime bouquet á la Martha, or pair it with ‘Orange Favorite’ for a display that’s dazzling! Zones 3a-7b(8bWC), from Holland. Chart to compare.
TU33Add to basket:5/$11.5010/$21.5025/$49.5050/$92100/$170
It’s not really blue, of course, but a soft, silvery lilac that combines amiably with just about everything. Even better, its tall, late, graceful blossoms last and last in bloom, longer than any other tulip we’ve ever grown. Darwin/Single Late, 24”, zones 3a-7b(8bWC), from one last farm in Holland. Chart to compare.
TU04SOLD OUT5/$10.7510/$20.5025/$46.5050/$86100/$159
BLONDINE, 1956        Rarest
From the era of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and Clairol asking “Is it true blondes have more fun?” comes this rare beauty whose name is Dutch for blonde. A cool, lightly ruffled flower of pale to deeper yellow subtly feathered with bits of spring green and rose, it won rave reviews from our customers who previewed it this past spring. Parrot, mid-season, 16-20”, zones 3a-7b(8bWC), from Holland. Chart to compare.
TU940Add to basket:5/$10.5010/$2025/$4550/$84100/$156
CLUSIANA, 1607        Rarest
A tulip for Mobile? Yes! And it’s hardy and multiplies in Boston and Denver, too! Although many sources offer this petite, charming wildflower, virtually all deliver cheap impostors such as hybrid ‘Lady Jane’ (oversized, and empty inside) or modern cream-to-yellow forms instead of the ancient rose and WHITE with its heart of deep, ravishing purple. Bill Finch of the Mobile Press-Register writes that in his garden our true clusiana has “come bursting out of the ground, each year better than the last.” It can do the same for you, in zones 6a-8b(10bWC), if you give it well-drained soil that’s relatively dry in summer. 10-14”, from Holland. Chart to compare.
TU25Add to basket:3/$13.505/$21.5010/$4025/$9150/$169
The best red tulip ever? Could be! It’s definitely the only tulip this old that’s still widely grown today. Generations have prized its rich color – red with a plum blush – and its fine habit – sturdy, weather-proof, and enduring. Isn’t it time you tried it? Triumph, 12”, zones 3a-7b(8bWC), from Holland. Chart to compare.
TU06Add to basket:5/$8.5010/$1625/$36.5050/$68100/$126
DEMETER, 1932        Web-Only
How about a tulip that’s immortal? Our customers led us to ‘Demeter’, telling us it returned and bloomed in their gardens for a decade or more. A vibrant, very rosy purple, it’s named for Demeter (say Di-MEET-er), the Greek goddess of agriculture and fertility – another good reason to grow it. Triumph, 24”, zones 3a-7b(8bWC), from Holland. Chart to compare.
TU34Add to basket:5/$1410/$26.5025/$60.50Limit 25, please.
DUC VAN TOL RED AND YELLOW, 1595        Rarest
If we had to choose a dozen landmark varieties to summarize the whole amazing history of tulips, this 400-year-old miniature would be one of them. Just 6 inches tall and extra early blooming, ‘Red and Yellow’ is the grandaddy of the ‘Duc van Tols’, a fabled clan of pixie tulips once grown in every garden and forced in pots for Christmas bloom. In front of purple hyacinths, its tiny flames are stunning. 6”, zones 4b-7a(7bWC), from the Hortus Bulborum. Chart to compare.
TU69Add to basket:1/$8.503/$23.505/$36.5010/$6825/$153
DUC VAN TOL ROSE, 1700        Rarest
Short, sweet, and extra-early, the ‘Duc van Tols’ grew in every stylish garden from about 1600 to 1900. But then tall, late tulips came into vogue, and the ‘Ducs’ all but vanished. Perfect little miniatures, they’re the earliest traditional garden tulips to bloom each spring. Elizabethan ‘Rose’ is our favorite, an innocent white that’s blushed with a little more pink every day it’s open. 5-7”, zones 4b-7b(8bWC), from the Hortus Bulborum. Chart to compare.
TU51Add to basket:1/$9.503/$265/$4110/$7625/$171
ELEGANS RUBRA, 1872        Rarest
With its almost savage beauty, this bright, dagger-petaled tulip was listed as a wild species in 19th-century catalogs. It’s never been found in the wild, though, and may be a survivor from the early 1700s when tulips much like it (and T. acuminata) ruled in the lavish gardens of the Ottoman Empire. Whatever its origins, it’s spectacular! Lily-flowered, 16”, zones 4a-7b(8bWC), from the Hortus Bulborum. Chart to compare.
TU81SOLD OUT1/$8.503/$23.505/$36.5010/$6825/$153
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