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WHY GROW TULIPS? Nothing says “Spring” better than these diverse, colorful, elegantly simple flowers. They are truly icons of the season.

TULIP HISTORY – Tulips came to Europe from Turkey in the mid-1500s and zoomed to superstar status during the Dutch “Tulipomania” of the 1630s. To learn more, click here.

GETTING TULIPS TO RETURN FOREVER – Keeping them dry in summer is one trick. To learn more, click here. To protect them from animals, click here.

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Even Rarer Tulips

Every year we get a handful of spectacular bulbs that are so rare we offer them WEB-ONLY. For an alert the moment they go on sale, subscribe to our free, monthly email newsletter.

TULIP DIVERSITY        Sampler
More varied than most gardeners realize, tulips can be early, late, fragrant, wild, double, ruffled, striped, and more. Here’s an easy introduction to that blissful diversity. We’ll send you 12 bulbs: 3 fragrant early ‘Prinses Irene’, 3 ruffled late ‘Black Parrot’, 3 double Victorian ‘Peach Blossom’, 3 wild slender ‘Florentine’. For zones 3a-7a(8WC).

For 6, 9, or more of each, order additional samplers.

COF42Add to basket:1/$232/$443/$634/$815/$99
ABSALON, 1780        Rarest
Most people have never even seen a brown tulip, let alone grown one. Here’s your chance! 18th-century ‘Absalon’ is intricately patterned with swirling flames of dark chocolate and chestnut on gold. It’s a true broken tulip, a Dutch Bizarre from the Hortus Bulborum, and sure to cause a buzz. 16”, late, zones 4b-7a(7bWC). Chart to compare. See more brown tulips.
TU73Add to basket:1/$9.503/$265/$4110/$7625/$171
Add some fireworks to your garden and bouquets with this spectacularly different tulip that Anna Pavord calls “spidery and mad.” Unknown in the wild, it’s probably the last survivor from the early 1700s when stilleto-petalled tulips like it were all the rage in the Ottoman Empire. 20”, zones 4b-7a(8aWC), from Holland. Chart to compare.
TU32Add to basket:3/$14.505/$2310/$4325/$9850/$181
ANGELIQUE, 1959        Web-Only
“A boudoir tulip, very frilly and feminine” says Anna Pavord of this sumptuous, award-winning tulip with its “pretty, double flowers of apple-blossom pink” maturing to deeper pink and cream. Although it’s been enormously popular for decades, its acreage in the Netherlands is now shrinking precipitously, so we’ve added it to our ark. Woo-hoo! RHS AGM winner, Double Late, 16-18”, zones 3a-7b(8bWC), from Holland. Chart to compare.
TU922Add to basket:5/$810/$1525/$34.5050/$64100/$119
“Delectable anywhere,” writes garden-guru Ann Lovejoy, “it should be planted by the bagful.” Lightly fragrant and winner of multiple awards including the prestigious RHS Award of Garden Merit, this popular tulip has been celebrated for its dreamy and unusual color for over 60 years. And it’s great for forcing, too. Single Early, 14-16”, zones 3-7b(8aWC), from Holland. Chart to compare.
TU925Add to basket:5/$910/$1725/$3950/$72100/$133
BLACK AND WHITE, 1920        Web-Only & Rarest
Historic? We’re not sure. Extraordinary? Yes! This true broken tulip was discovered at the Hortus Bulborum. It’s not clear whether it’s an heirloom whose label was lost or a newly-broken version of one of their other heirloom varieties, but it’s so stunning we couldn’t resist it. With dark purple flames on creamy white petals, it’s a tulip that Tulipomaniacs of the 1630s would have given a fortune to own! Single Late, 16-20”, zones 4b-7a(7bWC). Chart to compare.
TU978Add to basket:1/$16.503/$455/$7110/$13225/$297
The best parrot tulip of the 20th century and dramatic enough to be showcased on the covers of both Martha Stewart Living and Horticulture, ‘Black Parrot’ is a dark, glossy maroon, exuberantly ruffled and frilled. Combine with ‘Greuze’ and snake’s-head fritillaries for a dusky springtime bouquet á la Martha, or pair it with ‘Orange Favorite’ for a display that’s dazzling! Zones 3a-7b(8bWC), from Holland. Chart to compare.
TU33Add to basket:5/$11.5010/$21.5025/$49.5050/$92100/$170
It’s not really blue, of course, but a soft, silvery lilac that combines amiably with just about everything. Even better, its tall, late, graceful blossoms last and last in bloom, longer than any other tulip we’ve ever grown. Darwin/Single Late, 24”, zones 3a-7b(8bWC), from one last farm in Holland. Chart to compare.
TU04Add to basket:5/$10.7510/$20.5025/$46.5050/$86100/$159
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