We’re constantly searching for great old bulbs to add to our catalog. (Email us your suggestions!) Here’s what we’re offering for the first time — or after a hiatus — in our fall 2014/spring 2015 catalog.

New for SPRING 2015 Planting
Crimson King, 1893 — Victorian rebloomer in rich claret
Germanica, 1500 — from Rome to Van Gogh
Great Lakes, 1938 — great name, great iris
Indian Chief, 1929 — wine-red, raspberry, and bronze
Mrs. George Darwin, 1895 — elegant, bouquet-sized white
Chestine Gowdy, 1913 — tri-colored
Frances Willard, 1907 — pearly cream and blush
Philomele, 1861 — fragrant and fascinating
Souvenir de L’Exposition Universelle, 1867 — exceedingly rare
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