We’re constantly searching for great old bulbs to add to our catalog. (Email us your suggestions!) Here’s what we’re offering for the first time — or after a hiatus — in our fall 2014/spring 2015 catalog.

New for SPRING 2015 Planting
Black Friar, 1951 — velvety, wine-dark petals
Evelyn Claar, 1949 — ground-breaking pink
Mikado, 1929 — graceful mango and mahogany
Sovereign, 1906 — very early and very old
Vespers, 1941 — enjoy it day AND night
Bonne Esperance, 1948 — dwarf, rosy pink cutie
David Howard, 1960 — dark leaves and non-stop bloom
Gerrie Hoek, 1942 — “most popular dahlia of all time”
Kelvin Floodlight, 1959 — it’s more than just big
Miss Rose Fletcher, 1948 — pastel cactus
Preference, 1955 — peachy-pink with dark stems
Radiance, 1958 — vivid rose-pink and silver
Nova Lux, 1965 — bright, soft, just right yellow
Spring Maid, 1961 — soft, almost silvery yellow
Sunset Sky, 1965 — small, ruffled, and early-blooming
Colonel Candelot, 1907 — the “reddest” of its era
Coronation, 1927 — “truly an iris classic”
Francheville, 1927 — by the greatest iris breeder of all time
Monsignor, 1907 — violet and deep claret, by Vilmorin-Andrieux
Mrs. Horace Darwin, 1888 — elegant white
Susan Bliss, 1922 — “appealing creamy pink tone”
Swerti, 1612 — from the gardens of Emperor Rudolf II
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