Here you’ll find our VERY rarest bulbs along with late finds and others we simply couldn’t squeeze into our print catalog.

Those marked “Web-Only & Rarest” are sometimes in such short supply that they sell out within days — and some years we can’t offer them at all — so if you see one you like, we recommend you order it now!

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CAFE AU LAIT, 1967        Web-Only & New
It’s not just for brides! Although its exquisite coloring – “creamy pink, blush, peach, ivory, champagne, and dusty rose,” in the words of – has made it enormously popular for weddings, this sumptuous flower will look just as good in your garden or a Mason jar on the kitchen counter. You’ll get lots of big, ruffled blooms with long, strong stems on a sturdy plant that blooms and blooms. 6-10”, 4’, from Holland. Chart & care.
SD-80 1/$10 3/$27.50 5/$43 10/$80 25/$180 SOLD OUT
GYPSY GIRL, 1947        Web-Only & Rarest
We didn’t expect to offer this variegated beauty until next spring, but it multiplied so well for us that here it is! Its petals of soft lavender-to-pink-to-white are decorated with a confetti of ruby speckles and flecks for a look that’s as festive as a birthday party. Bred by Albert Parrella of the Bronx, formal decorative, 4-6”, 4-5’, grown exclusively for us in Holland. Chart & care.
SD-83 1/$10.50 3/$28.50 5/$45 10/$84 SOLD OUT
JANE COWL, 1928        Web-Only & Rarest
More people asked us to find ‘Jane Cowl’ than any other lost dahlia — and when we finally tracked it down, we understood why. It’s a big, gorgeous dahlia, with undulating petals of buff, bronze, and gold, like the tresses of a goddess — or actress Jane Cowl (1883-1950), who was once “the most beautiful woman on the American stage.” It’s expensive, yes, but worth every penny! 6-8”, 5-6’, from New Hampshire. Chart & care.
SD-27 1/$25 3/$68.50 5/$107 10/$200 25/$450 SOLD OUT
MADAME STAPPERS, 1947        Web-Only & Rarest
Our photos don’t show you the best thing about ‘Madame Simone Stappers’ — it grows as a dense, rounded, all but self-supporting mound about 2½ feet tall that looks more like a small shrub or a peony than a dahlia. With dark-chocolate foliage and radiant blooms, it’s stunning in perennial borders — or try one in a big beautiful pot. Preserved by the British National Collection, 3”, 2½’-3’, semi-double, from Holland. Chart & care.
SD-56 1/$11.50 3/$31.50 5/$49.50 10/$92 25/$207 SOLD OUT
NELLIE BROOMHEAD, 1897        Web-Only & Rarest
When a Japanese dahlia collector offered us this rare jewel, we were thrilled. Much like the old ‘Seven Sisters’ rose, it blooms with flowers ranging from almost white to vibrant rosy lavender. Praised and pictured in Gordon’s 1912 Dahlias, it’s the only one of hundreds in that classic book that still survives – and we have just 50 available this spring! Pompon, 3-4’, from Holland. Chart & care.
SD-32 1/$8.50 3/$23.50 5/$36.50 10/$68 25/$153 SOLD OUT
NEPOS, 1958        Web-Only & Rarest
It may not be flashy or ancient, but this sublimely simple waterlily dahlia is one of the most beautiful flowers we’ve ever grown — yes, ever. Bred by the Lombaert brothers of Belgium, it’s a baby-fresh masterpiece of white, pink, and lavender, on a plant that’s not too tall, with wiry stems that practically beg you to cut them for bouquets. 4-6”, 3-4’, from Holland. Chart & care.
SD-70 1/$9 3/$24.50 5/$39 10/$72 25/$162 SOLD OUT
PRINCESSE LOUISE DE SUEDE, 1947        Web-Only & Rarest
Chic, sophisticated ‘Princess Louise of Sweden’ offers 4-inch flowers of a tantalizing color that’s hard to describe: maybe frosted coral? It’s not orange, not pink, not rose, but if you blended all three together and added a bit of mist, you’d be close. For added elegance, its petal tips seem dipped in silver, more on some flowers, less on others. Very cool! Formal decorative, 4’, from Holland. Chart & care.
SD-38 1/$10.50 3/$28.50 SOLD OUT
PRINZESSIN IRENE VON PREUSSEN, 1912        Web-Only & Rarest
We rediscovered ‘Prinzessin Irene’ in Germany and fell in love at first bloom. With a heart of gold and fewer, longer petals than most modern dahlias, it has a serene, languid look that’s charmingly antique. Try it paired with soul-mate ‘Jersey’s Beauty’ — ahhhhh! Formal decorative, 4-5”, 4-5’, from Holland. Chart & care.
SD-57 1/$9 3/$24.50 5/$39 10/$72 25/$162 SOLD OUT
TOMMY KEITH, 1892        Web-Only & Rarest
This 120-year-old granddaddy is a pompon-like “fancy” dahlia of deep burgundy-red irregularly splashed with bits of white — like a sparkling garnet brooch or maybe a tiny, antique velvet sofa with lacy antimacassars. Reintroduced by us from the British National Collection of Dahlias. 1-2”, 3’, from Holland. Chart & care.
SD-34 1/$8.50 3/$23.50 5/$36.50 10/$68 25/$153 SOLD OUT
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