Here you’ll find our VERY rarest bulbs along with late finds and others we simply couldn’t squeeze into our print catalog.

Those marked “Web-Only & Rarest” are sometimes in such short supply that they sell out within days — and some years we can’t offer them at all — so if you see one you like, we recommend you order it now!

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ALLEGRO, 1965        Web-Only & Rarest
Please don’t mistake ‘Allegro’ for an ordinary red glad. Its color is a wonderfully deep ruby with smoky undertones that’s so intense it almost seems to be pulsating. In Italian its name means “quick, spirited, lively,” and this show-stopper definitely is! 4 feet tall, from Maine. Chart & care.
SGL-37 3/$10.50 5/$16.50 10/$31 25/$71 50/$131 SOLD OUT
BLUE SMOKE, 1957        Web-Only & Rarest
Don’t be surprised if this smoldering beauty leaves you and your garden visitors babbling! A half-century after it was introduced, its exotic coloring is still very unusual. From a glowing heart of apricot and bronze its petals shade into a smoky, lavender-gray that’s almost beyond words — and ravishingly beautiful. Very limited supply, 4 feet, from Maine. Chart & care.
SGL-42 1/$11.50 3/$31.50 5/$49.50 SOLD OUT
BLUEBIRD, 1968        Web-Only & Rarest
As small as ‘Atom’ and surprisingly close to blue, this cheery little glad always reminds us of a nest full of hungry baby birds. Winner of the gladiolus world’s highest honor, the All-America award, it blooms with vigor all across the country. Very limited supply, Small-flowered, 3 feet, from Maine and our Ann Arbor micro-farms. Chart & care.
SGL-49 1/$6.50 3/$18 5/$28 10/$52 SOLD OUT
CARIBBEAN, 1957        Web-Only & Rarest
If you look with your imagination, it’s easy to see the blue skies and sandy beaches of the Caribbean in this well-named little glad. It’s not really blue, of course, but a lovely soft lavender highlighted with thumbprints of purple. Small-flowered, 3 feet tall, from Maine. Chart & care.
SGL-57 1/$5.50 3/$15 5/$23.50 10/$44 25/$99 SOLD OUT
CHARISMA, 1969        Web-Only & Rarest
Looking like a summer party dress or a tropical fruit smoothie, this luscious, ruffled glad combines soft apricot-pink with pale lemon and gold. Pick a few, settle into your chaise longue after a productive afternoon in the garden, and enjoy! 4 feet, from Maine. Chart & care.
SGL-51 3/$10.50 5/$16.50 10/$31 25/$71 50/$131 SOLD OUT
CHIPPER, 1965        Web-Only
If this little glad were any bigger, its brilliant splashes of deep rose on white might be too much. But it’s one of the smallest-flowered glads we grow, and we never seem to get tired of its cheery brightness. Try it yourself and see what we mean! 3 feet tall, from Maine. Chart & care.
SGL-58 1/$5.50 3/$15 5/$23.50 10/$44 25/$99 SOLD OUT
DAUNTLESS, 1940        Web-Only & Rarest
You’ll never mistake ‘Dauntless’ for a modern, supermarket glad. We call it the Lauren Bacall of glads because its smooth, stylish, angular blooms recall an era of wide lapels and big, sexy hats. Pink with a dramatic splash of ruby in the throat, it’s also one of the oldest traditional glads we’ve ever offered. 4 feet, from Maine and Michigan. Chart & care.
SGL-12 3/$9.50 5/$15 10/$28 25/$64 50/$119 SOLD OUT
FIREDANCE, 1968        Web-Only & Rarest
Looking more like a cymbidium orchid from the wilds of Borneo than an ordinary glad from your own backyard, this tiny, ruffled beauty is a luscious peachy-orange that’s splashed with gold and richly speckled with cayenne pepper. Wow! Very limited supply, small-flowered, 3 feet, from Maine. Chart & care.
SGL-34 1/$6.50 3/$18 5/$28 10/$52 SOLD OUT
KAKAGA, 1962        Web-Only & Rarest
Yoda’s favorite glad? With its flaring side petals, this exotic little glad may at least remind you of that big-eared Jedi master. A bit larger than ‘Atom’, it’s a brilliant paprika-orange splashed with gold and absolutely dazzling. As for its name, if you know what it means, we’d love to hear from you. Small-flowered, 3-4 feet, from Maine and Michigan. Chart & care.
SGL-56 1/$6 3/$16.50 5/$26 10/$48 25/$108 SOLD OUT
KING SOLOMON, 1966        Web-Only & Rarest
Velvety and sumptuous, this jewel-toned glad is deep wine-red shaded with purple and highlighted by midrib lines and a picotee edging of silver. It was bred by gladiolus farmer Russell Bevington of Indiana who the local newspaper once described as a “hippy with a glad business.” 4 feet tall, from Maine. Chart & care.
SGL-62 3/$11 5/$17.50 10/$32.50 25/$74.50 50/$138 SOLD OUT
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