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Fall-Planted Bulbs
Spring-Planted Bulbs
Crocus   Jeanne d’Arc
Dahlia   Cafe au Lait
Crocus   Peter Pan
Crocus   Snowbunting
Dahlia   Lutt Wichen
Daffodil   Argent
Daffodil   Avalanche
Dahlia   White Aster
Daffodil   Beersheba
Gladiolus   Abyssinian glad
Daffodil   Broughshane
Gladiolus   Chipper
Daffodil   Cassandra
Gladiolus   Lucky Star
Daffodil   Colleen Bawn
Gladiolus   Snow Princess
Daffodil   Daphne
Iris   Florentina
Daffodil   Dreamlight
Daffodil   Early Pearl
Iris   Swerti
Daffodil   Glory of Lisse
Daffodil   Grand Primo
Daffodil   Horace
Daffodil   Horn of Plenty
Daffodil   Ice Follies
Daffodil   Insulinde
Daffodil   Irene Copeland
Daffodil   John Evelyn
Daffodil   Keats
Daffodil   Louise de Coligny
Daffodil   Lucifer
Daffodil   Mary Copeland
Daffodil   Minor Monarque
Daffodil   moschatus
Daffodil   Mrs. Backhouse
Daffodil   Mrs. Langtry
Daffodil   Niveth
Daffodil   Ornatus
Daffodil   Pheasant’s Eye
Daffodil   Queen of the North
Daffodil   Rose of May
Daffodil   Thalia
Daffodil   Twin Sisters
Daffodil   W.P. Milner
Daffodil   White Lady
Hyacinth   Madame Sophie
Hyacinth   White Pearl
Lily   Madonna lily
Lily   regal lily
Lily   White Henryi
Peony   Elsa Sass
Tulip   Elegans Alba
Tulip   Schoonoord

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