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Our Spring-Planted Crown Jewels

Throughout our site, these treasures are highlighted with a green or purple bar and the word RAREST. Most you can’t get anywhere else in North America, and the rest you’d be very hard-pressed to find. That makes them extra-endangered – and extra-exciting in the garden.

Capitals indicate bulbs that are NEW or returned to our catalog after a hiatus.

Andries’ Orange, 1936 — flower arranger’s delight
Arab Queen, 1949 — a whirlwind of autumn leaves
atropurpurea, 1789 — wild original, dark and velvety
Bloodstone, 1939 — as brilliant as the ancient gem
Clair de Lune, 1946 — elegant and wildflowery
Glorie van Heemstede, 1947 — a buttery yellow flower
Golden Heart, 1955 — warm sunburst of beauty
Klankstad Kerkrade, 1954 — spiky poofs of primrose
Lavender Chiffon, 1957 — cool, man, cool!
Lavengro, 1953 — soft, dreamy lavender
Lutt Wichen, 1941 — gardenia-flowered “ground-cover” dahlia
Madame Stappers, 1947 — chocolate foliage, radiant flowers
Mrs. I. De ver Warner, 1920 — saved by Kentucky farm family
Nellie Broomhead, 1897 — Victorian gem, from Japan
Old Gold, 1947 — flickering like a bonfire
Prince Noir, 1954 — ruffled, dark burgundy cactus
Princesse Louise de Suede, 1947 — chic, indescribable color
Prinzessin Irene von Preussen, 1912 — rare white, serene and charming
Rosemary Webb, 1956 — abundant, peony-like blooms
Sellwood Glory, 1951 — dark burgundy on silver
Stolz von Berlin, 1884 — pink perfection
Tommy Keith, 1892 — ruby and ivory
White Aster, 1879 — world’s oldest garden dahlia
Winsome, 1940 — shocking beauty
Wisconsin Red, 1910? — pass-along ruby-red
York and Lancaster, 1915? — mysterious history
Allegro, 1965 — rose-ruby with smoky undertones
Bibi, 1954 — vibrant pink and rose batik
Bluebird, 1968 — petite All-American
Caribbean, 1957 — lavender skies and sandy beaches
Contentment, 1957 — misty, lavender-pink
Dauntless, 1940 — Lauren Bacall in pink
Firedance, 1968 — like a cymbidium orchid
Green Lace, 1961 — daintily ruffled and cute as a button
King Solomon, 1966 — sumptuous burgundy trimmed with silver
La Coruna, 1957 — ruby and smoke
Lilac & Chartreuse, 1960 — unique coloring
Lucky Star, 1966 — a truly fragrant glad!
Mexicana, 1967 — spring green and complex
Starface, 1960 — rapturously beautiful
Sunset Sky, 1965 — small, ruffled, and early-blooming
Apricot, 1893 — the very first
Circe, 1937 — chiffon yellow classic by Stout
Corky, 1959 — sweet little flower with famous friends
Gold Dust, 1905 — from the dawn of daylily breeding
Ophir, 1924 — trumpet-shaped, American-bred pioneer
Orangeman, 1902 — mango-colored stars, extra old
Theron, 1934 — dark landmark
antique montbretia, 1879 — the antique original
Ehemanii canna, 1863 — arching sprays of dangling flowers

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